An opportunity for Sponsors.

S.E. Asian Beef Market Report has been publishing monthly for over 8.5 years. During that time, it has provided valuable information to a wide range of readers in many parts of the world. Today there are more readers of this report than at any time in the past. This represents an opportunity for sponsors to support our blog and gain broad industry coverage for their products or services. PT Arsi Indo Graha, an Indonesian distributor of abattoir and meat processing equipment, has been supporting our site for over a year now. See their advertisements on our site. There is scope to host additional sponsors with capacity to advertise on our widely read blog. If anyone would like to find out more then please contact the author, Ross Ainsworth at

Site visits below on 29th June 2022 following the publication of an article on FMD in Indonesia.

Site visits below on 11th July 2022  following publication of June monthly report.

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