About the Author

Current Writer – Dr Michael Patching

Michael is a leading voice in the Asian livestock industry, with a passion for animal welfare. A veterinarian by training, he leverages his business acumen and domain expertise to socially innovate at the cross-section of commercial, technology, and government.

He has worked on how technology and education can be used practically to improve people’s livelihoods through more profitable agricultural practices and help farmers in developing countries live better lives.

Caring about the environment and animal welfare and taking personal responsibility to help make a positive impact on the world, he is passionate about using technology to improve social and environmental issues.
His future goals are to continue to work towards bettering people’s lives while helping create a more sustainable planet by improving livestock and agriculture across Asia.

Original Writer – Dr Ross Ainsworth 

Ross AuthorRoss Ainsworth is a veterinarian with 40 years of experience in the Australian beef industry. The last 35 years have been between spent mainly in the Northern Territory of Australia with frequent travel to Southeast Asia. His experience ranges from government and private veterinary practice, cattle station management and CEO of Northern Territory Livestock Exporters Association. Ross currently lives in Bali, Indonesia.

Ross retired from the column in Dec 2023 after writing for over 9 years. He is now spending his time on the beach observing the industry with a beer in hand.

Contact Ross at ainsworth.ross@gmail.com

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