About this Blog

This blog aims to inform the reader about the beef industry in Southeast Asia with particular reference to the live export trade from Australia. This a new project and will continue to evolve. The beef consumers in Asia will in due course be the biggest single customer group for Australia. Therefore, it’s essential that the Australian industry has a good understanding of this market in order maximize its potential. Finding information about the individual operations in foreign countries is a difficult process for individuals in Australia to achieve. My experience throughout Asia in the last 30 years gives me insights into this industry that Australian producers and other industry stake holders can’t easy obtain.

The cornerstone of this blog is a monthly market report which will be supplemented with periodic related writing that will hopefully be of interest to the reader. The monthly market report currently includes beef and live cattle prices from Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia and Vietnam. In the future, I hope to add reports from China. Periodic related writing will include general market intelligence such as government policy changes, significant events affecting the market, and profiles of interesting industry players to put a human face on the industry.

5 thoughts on “About this Blog

  1. Thanks Ross, appreciate the insight and transparency of information for those on the ‘outside’. Long overdue!
    Would like your personal contact details


  2. Dr Ross, A very good blog and information service for the Australian cattle industry and associated stakeholders, including government agencies.
    I would suggest that you do a profiling roadshow in Australia promoting your blog and market intelligence services information. This could pay dividends if you are seeking additional sponsors and support funding to expand services to the Australian cattle industry and stakeholders.
    Regards Daniel from WA


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